FREE Property Makeover

Prepare your home for sale with a Free $1,500 Makeover* when you sell your property with us!

We understand the importance of preparing your home for sale. So when you sell with Ray White Toronto & Wangi Wangi, we’ll provide a $1500 makeover for free.*

Makeover’s may include:

Window Cleaning
We’ll clean your windows and sills to instantly brighten the look of your home

Handyman Jobs
Finishing any handyman jobs can instantly lift a property’s mood and look, as well as the asking price!

Lawn & Gardening Maintenance
We’ll ensure your gardens are in a tidy state

Property Styling
Tips to present your home in the best possible light

House Cleaning
A clean, uncluttered house feels larger and more inviting

Rubbish Removal
We’ll remove excess rubbish to tidy up your property and increase its saleability.

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$1500 Makeover Terms & Conditions
* Exclusive Agency Agreement at regular fee of 2.95% commission to be signed prior to any works taking place
* Property must be placed on the market as soon as practicable after the completion of the makeover
* Property must be listed and sold within 6 months of being listed on the market. If this time limit is not met, the total money spent on the makeover must be reimbursed to Ray White Toronto
* The $1,500 will be spent at the discretion of Ray white Toronto & Wangi Wangi
* All jobs and services will depend on the availability of certain trades
* Up to $1,500 total will be spent. Any extra money needed can be paid by the seller if they choose to contribute to complete any job