Todays Market

The market today is very different from the “boom” we experienced in 2002/2003. The market now is not too dissimilar to the market prior to 2002.

We are selling a great number of properties month in month out. We have strong buyer demand with a shortage of houses for sale.   Now is a great time to sell.

Our buyers are now coming from 3 distinct geographic locations.
At least 10% of our buyers are now coming from Sydney.
At least 30% of our buyers are now coming from the Newcastle area.
The remaining 60% (approx) are local buyers.

The above statistics are extremely encouraging as it shows the strength our area offers.

Our Sydney buyers are excited about the lifestyle on offer, the level of affordability, the proximity to Sydney (i.e.: 1 hr north of Hornsby) and the capital growth potential on offer. Our Newcastle buyers are finally realising that our area is not that far from Newcastle. The roads and facilities have become far more advanced over recent years.

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