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Marmong Point Marina to Build a Floating Restaurant

By Ray White Toronto Reception

Marmong Point Marina is set to have an upgrade, with a $1.2 million dollar floating restaurant being approved last week. Less than a 10 minute drive from Toronto, the marina is a fully equipped service oriented marina with both moorings and modern floating marina berths available.

Marina cafe to set sail

By Damon Cronshaw, Newcastle Herald

A $1.2 MILLION floating restaurant will be built at Marmong Point Marina, adding a unique dining attraction to Lake Macquarie for residents and tourists.

Lake Macquarie City Council approved the 90-seat restaurant plan on Friday.

Marina owner Les Binkin said it would be similar to Scratchleys in Newcastle.

‘‘It will have a takeaway out the front like Scratchleys and the restaurant out the back, on the water,’’ Mr Binkin said.

‘‘It will cater for people who want to eat in a class restaurant or turn up in shorts and thongs or pull up in a kayak to get takeaway.’’

Lake Macquarie Tourism Association chairman Robert Kemmis described the plan as ‘‘brilliant’’.

‘‘We need a few things around the lake that are a bit different and add variety,’’ Mr Kemmis said.

‘‘It’s good to see somebody having a bit of a go.’’

Marmong Point has expanded to become one of the biggest marinas in the state, increasing its berths from 160 to 245 in the past few years.

‘‘We needed a restaurant to make it a world-class marina,’’ Mr Binkin said.

‘‘This will set us up to further develop the marina in years to come.’’

The restaurant will be built on a 300-square metre floating pontoon, with a gangway to the shore.

Boaties will be able to tie their vessels to moorings before being seated at the eatery.

A car park will be built for diners who arrive by land.

Mr Binkin said the project would be built on ‘‘the old Wangi Queen site’’.

Schreiber Hamilton Architecture director Justin Hamilton said the plans were designed to reflect the way ‘‘Australians engage with the water’’.

Mr Binkin is seeking an operator for the restaurant.

‘‘We’ll build it and work with an operator on the internal fitout,’’ he said.

Mr Binkin lodged a development application with  council in July 2013 for the project.

For more information on the approved plan, visit

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