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New Developments Approved for Toronto

By Ray White Toronto Reception

Toronto is up for some major changes, with a number of new developments having been approved for the area.

Toronto takes off with $100 million construction boom

By JAMIESON MURPHY May 15, 2014,

TORONTO is in the midst of a construction boom that will see almost $100 million invested in the lakeside suburb.

A medical centre, residential units, waterfront retail space, an aged care facility and an upgrade of The Boulevarde are under way.

Toronto Hotel will also capitalise on the town’s growth with a major refurbishment, to cost $5.8 million.

Toronto Chamber of Commerce vice-president Anne Morriss said it was an exciting time.

‘‘As a chamber, we’re thrilled because there are millions and millions of dollars being spent on

development in one town,’’ she said.

Ms Morriss said the developments will have a positive flow-on effect for the entire community.

‘‘I think it will drive the town really strongly – economically, socially, in a lot of different ways.

‘‘[The developments are] great for the suburb’s retail. It will get other businesses in, and strengthen the

retail we’ve already got here.

‘‘People have been loyal to Toronto and stayed with their businesses here for so long, they deserve all this to happen now.’’

Ms Morriss said the more people become aware of the various developments, the more they will get excited.

‘‘Five years from now, you won’t recognise Toronto,’’ she said.

* Journalist Jamieson Murphy profiles five major projects taking shape in Toronto…


OVER-55s: Elements of Toronto.

What: Elements of Toronto

Cost: About $36.5 million

Date: Construction to start in November

TORONTO Workers Club will begin the first stage of its over-55s’ residential development, Elements of Toronto, in November.

Part of the club’s 10-year master plan, the development is located next to the club on Cook Street.

It comprises 94 apartments and sub-basement car parking in four separate four-storey blocks, the first of which will take nine months to construct.

Toronto Workers Club chief executive officer Mark Singleton said the project, which will cover almost 20,000 square metres, will aid in the maturing of Toronto and adds a point of difference to the town.

Part of the property will eventually be turned into a health and lifestyle destination, with facilities such as a fitness centre and indoor pool.

Mr Singleton said it was no coincidence there are developments in the area.

“It is a fantastic time to be associated with Toronto.

“There are a lot of people who are going to share and benefit from not just this development, but the other developments in the town.”

He said it was exciting to have local people working on the different projects but understanding the same vision for Toronto.


What: Victory Parade mixed-use development

Cost: $7 million

Date: Construction estimated to start May 2015

THE three-storey development along Victory Parade will have a mix of retail and commercial space, along with apartments.

The development will provide access between The Boulevarde and Victory Parade, and aims to open up the foreshore and make it more accessible.

Nadic chief executive officer Dallas James, of Toronto, is behind the development.

It will draw inspiration from the trendy laneways of Sydney and Melbourne.

Some of the retail space will be taken up by a restaurant and possibly a couple of cafes.

‘‘Toronto is an undiscovered jewel. I think it’s a magical place,’’ Mr James said.

‘‘People will be able to grab a coffee and look out over the water.’’

The $7million project will also have 12 apartments, which he said would boast fantastic views.

‘‘[The Victory Parade development] will add more residential space in the CBD of Toronto and complements the other developments in the area,’’ he said.

Mr James said there are three blocks which must be consolidated before building can begin. This is expected to take about a year.


What: Revamp of The Boulevarde

Cost: About $4.3 million

Date: Construction estimated to start 2015/2016

LAKE Macquarie City Council’s proposed Streetscape Master Plan for Toronto would see a comprehensive upgrade of The Boulevarde.

Extensive landscaping, lighting and paving, street furniture, public art spaces, drinking fountains and bicycle racks are planned.

Councillor Ken Paxinos said the proposed plan will lift the amenity and functionality of the commercial/retail strip, remove the current hazards of uneven paving, and present the town as a loved and cared-for place.

Council staff anticipate the detailed design for the Toronto Streetscape Master Plan will begin in 2014/2015, costing about $300,000.

Construction is expected to start in 2015/2016, costing an estimated $4million.

Council staff have requested these funds in council’s draft Operational Plan.

Funding for the project will then require councillor approval.

Cr Paxinos said while it is always a challenge to align public and private development, he believes council’s Streetscape Master Plan for Toronto will complement the other developments in the region.


What: Commercial medical centre

Cost: $7.5 million

Date: Construction to finish in July

LOCATED on The Boulevarde, the Alec Rice Centre will be a state-of-the-art medical destination.

Backed by Toronto Diggers Club, the $7.5million three-storey building will have underground parking.

The centre will provide a range of medical services, including dietitians, paediatrics, physiotherapy and skin cancer specialists.

The Boulevarde Family Practice will relocate to the new building.

It will feature 12 consulting rooms, on-site pathology, two procedure rooms, and three treatment bays. About 50per cent of the floor space has already been sold.

Toronto Diggers general manager Cathy Handcock said the club is negotiating  with a variety of medical businesses.

‘‘The interest is so great we think by the time construction is complete we will be pretty much done [all sold out],’’ she said.

‘‘The [club’s] members are really excited about it; they’re really happy their club is contributing to the community.’’

Ms Handcock said the interest in the medical centre has been driven in part by the other developments planned for Toronto.

‘‘People are recognising Toronto as a beautiful little place now,’’ she said.


What: Residential aged care facility

Cost: $36 million

Date: Construction to start in July

ANGLICAN Care is redeveloping their site at Toronto in a number of stages, the first of which is a 147-bed nursing home.

The $36million project will replace the site’s current facilities.

Construction is expected to start next year in July and finish in November.

Anglican Care chief executive officer Colin Osborne described the building as ‘‘architecturally stunning’’.

Mr Osborne said there may eventually be a second development on the site, which is bound by Warhurst Avenue, Excelsior Parade, Cary Street and Brighton Avenue.

‘‘We are aware of the demand that is about to hit the sector; as our population ages, demand for care places and independent living increases.’’

The second stage would comprise a three-storey building with 43 units, along with facilities such as a Men’s Shed, community centre, indoor pool and village green.

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