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Real Estatements – For Sale Signs

By Paul Wrigley

Welcome to my latest “Real Estatement” column
On a regular basis, I look forward to providing answers to any questions you may
have about real estate. In this edition of real estatements we will look at why it is
important to erect a “for Sale” sign when selling your home.

Do “For Sale” signs work, or are they simply a gimmick to promote the agents name
to the world?
For Sale signs are an essential part of the sale process and as a Vendor you need to
make the best of every opportunity.

You cannot sell a secret!
Photo signboards, more importantly are a crucial part of marketing your property.
Buyers quite often drive around the area they wish to live to see if any properties are
for sale. A photo signboard has all the relevant information (both photos and
description) they need to wet their appetite. Without this information the buyer might
think that the property is too big or maybe too small from the front when it might
actually be exactly what they are looking for. The buyers are more inclined to
organize an inspection in this circumstance. Without the photo signboard the buyer
may discard the property or never get around to contacting your agent.

Neighborhood Watch
Imagine for a moment that you do put a “For Sale” sign up at the front of your home,
and across the road Aunt June sees the sign, by mid-Aftemoon she has been on the
phone to her friends telling them of your house and that it is for sale. This type of
promotion is passive and won’t cost you a cent.

Research proves that “For Sale” signs work consistently
A “For Sale” sign will generate up to 40% of buyer inquiry. Next time you sell, insist
on having a photo sign out the front of your property! A sign is your 24hr salesperson!

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