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Real Estatements – Internet

By Paul Wrigley

The real estate market as a whole is rapidly changing. Buyers are more educated than ever, as well as having busy lifestyles.

Buyers from all geographic locations are being lured to our areas and are utilising all
the marketing tools they can to suit their busy lifestyles.

The internet is becoming a huge source of buyer enquiry. Buyers can Search many
intemet sites to find properties for sale. They may do it during their lunch time or at
home when they can concentrate.

To give your property the best chance of being found by prospective buyers your
agent should have your property on a number of websites.

Don’t let your agent rely on their own company name website, buyers mainly search
on the larger websites that have many agents’ listings on them.

You don’t want to rely on buyers stumbling over your property. You want the buyer
to see your property stand out from the rest. It’s simple. The more chance buyers have
of finding your property the more chance you have of selling your property. To go
one step further i.e.; standout from the rest, there are different options available on the
internet. You can have “guaranteed top spot”, which means your property will be at
the top of the search page for a set period of time, “Feature listings”, which appear
towards the top of the search above “standard listings”.

Do your research before appointing your agent. Ask them what internet sites your
property will be listed on. The best way to sell a property is to be proactive not

At Ray White Toronto we market our properties on 5 intemet sites. No matter where
our buyers look on the intemet they are most likely going to find our properties for
sale. Our intemet sites are:

Buyers can view many photos on each site, see what time the property will be open
for inspection etc. They can shortlist certain properties and register on some sites to
be notified of any new properties coming onto the market.

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