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Real Estatements January 2009

By Paul Wrigley

The Market with Paul Wrigley

After a tumultuous year in the financial and property markets, a sliver lining for real estate has emerged by way of quickly falling interest rates and more affordable prices

Our (own) high volume of sales in the closing months of 2008 leaves no doubt that the interest rate falls are having a direct effect.

‘2009 will be the year of shift’

History shows that after a significant share market correction we experience a property cycle. We are now seeing a number of investors coming back into the market together with first home buyers taking advantage of the increased grants (which finish at the end of June 2009). The shift is undoubtedly towards a more positive property market in 2009.

Stock levels across the board are at an all time low which sees demand outstripping supply. We need more properties to satisfy the demand from existing buyers as well as the new buyers coming to the market.


Those wanting to downsize and live a low maintenance life style in a new apartment or townhouse should look at our RIVA apartments, Celsius apartments and Lakewood, 27 town houses.

Building Your Dream Home

If building your dream home is your new year’s resolution we have a number of extremely affordable blocks of land.

Planning to sell your property?

We invite you to promote you property to our extensive and qualified Client base Discover the difference and achieve the maximum results when selling.

Interest rates are tipped to be coming down again in February and there are thoughts they could get as low as 4 %. If this happens we expect to see an increase demand for investment properties as rents are at an all time high so don’t miss your opportunity at buying a great investment property.

For those wanting to attend our sellers evening information night or register on our database and attend our first of many free movie nights please call us on 49596577

I look forward to a great 2009 and look forward to helping those wanting to sell and buy. For any advice, general or specific, please call me anytime.

All the best, PAUL WRIGLEY

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