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Real Estatements May 2007

By Paul Wrigley

Last week there was a TV current affairs program explaining the pitfalls of using agents that quote/charge a cheap fee. The segment outlined that a cheap fee could suck people into selling with their agency. It was suggested that cheap agents could under price the house to sell them quickly, leaving sellers getting less than they deserve.

One Seller could have lost almost $60,000 if he went with a specific fee cutting agent. Luckily he obtained a second quote and sold for what they should have achieved. Quite often, things too good to be true, often are.

The Real Estate Institute (REI) spokesman was worried that cut price agents would aslo cut corners to make a dollar.

The reality is selling a property is a complex business and requires a lot of expertise and quite often a lot of effot. Those charging a cut price fee just can’t deliver the service.

One expert suggested you look at what YOU GET when you sell your house, not what the agent gets.

Agent fees are performance based. When choosing an agent to sell your property make sure you ask them some specific questions.

* Will it be advertised in the Newcastle Herald? * Will it have professional photos taken? * Will I have a photo signboard? * Will my property be on the internet? * Does the agent actually have a plan to sell the property? * Does the agent actually attract local buyers? * Does the agency have a number of salespeople?

When you are selling your biggest asset you need a proactive aggressive agent in order to obtain the best possible price. You certainly don’t want to sell your house by accident.

You need an agent that has a plan on how they will sell.

For further advice on what to ask the agents you are con- sidering, please call or email to

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