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Real Estatements – Setting a Price

By Paul Wrigley

Welcome to my second “Realestatement” column. On a regular basis, I
look forward to providing answers to any questions you may have about
real estate. Whether you are in the process of selling or buying a property or
maybe you are a landlord, I look forward to answering your questions. In this
second column we will examine a question I get asked each day by homeowners
selling their property:

How much money should you ask for when selling? Whose advice should
you consider when setting the selling price of your property?
here is no question that selling your home in any market is fraught with
unforeseen challenges, but what most people forget, is that people buying
today have more to consider than just beating you down on price.
After all, no one will buy a home based solely on getting the lowest price.
What is often overlooked is that people buy property to live in, because they
want a home that provides them a standard of living and a lifestyle to match.
Yes, they may well be able to get a cheaper property at the other end of the
street, but that cheaper property may not come with a nicely laid out garden
and that feeling which immediately says – this is home!

What price should you set?

This is where the value of a good agent is essential. They have a feel for
what the market is willing to pay, and their advice will be a great help in coming
to a final decision about price.

Don’t be fooled by an agent who assures you of a price that doesn’t
match the reality of what other homes have sold for in recent months.
If you are serious about selling and want to sell within weeks, set a price
that the market is willing to pay, not an inflated price that will move potential
buyers onto the property down the street.

Which is why working with a reputable agent who has been in the market
for many years can be such a great help.

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