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By Ray White Toronto Reception

Poor first impressions!
You don’t get a second chance to make a great first Impression!
Alan Pease, body language expert, suggests individuals form up to 80% of an opinion during the first four minutes of meeting a new person. Much of a future relationship with this person is based on those first impressions. Pease states that these first impressions are based on what is seen. The first impression is visual.
Poor first impressions can take an extraordinary length of time to reassess and change.
People judge properties the same way. How does the property look at first glance? How does it feel the first time they go in?
How a property is presented for sale affects both price and time on the market.
Unmown lawns, untidy edges, and cluttered, dirty and messy houses are the most common cause of a poor first impression. When living in a property, it is easy to overlook the small, easily fixed faults.
There is no need to spend thousands to make a good impression. Elbow grease and simple changes will most likely do the job. Firstly, stand back and look at the property with fresh eyes. Imagine this is the first time you have seen the property. What stands out?
Long lawns need to be mowed twice over two weeks; they look better the second time around. Trim the edges; this makes all the difference to a first impression.
Clean the outside using a high-pressure hose to remove small stains, cobwebs, etc. Clean the windows; sparkling windows reinforce the feeling of space and cleanliness.
De-clutter the inside; it will make the house seem bigger.
Do your best to keep the inside clean. Buyers don’t like dirty houses. Cleanliness is paramount to a successful sale.
Attend to small repairs. Loose door handles or door stops, holes in screen doors, simple repairs like these are inexpensive.
Overall, a property should appear lived in, but clean, tidy and well maintained.
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