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Under Quoting is a Deceitful Tactic

By Ray White Toronto Reception

Under quoting is a hot topic at the moment, as the NSW Premier Mike Baird has pledged a crackdown on agents that under quote with fines recently handed out to Sydney offenders.

Ray white Toronto slams the use of under quoting. A lot of agents use under quoting to attract more buyers at the same time using it as a conditioning tool to convince sellers to meet the market which often undersells the property.

Under quoting is unethical, illegal and needs to stop. These agents are playing games with buyers and sellers for their own greed. It costs clients’ money and time and a lot of emotional stress.

If you are thinking of selling choose an agent with a reputation for excellence and one that will guarantee their service.

If you are a buyer do your research. A bargain quite often will be too good to be true.

Ray White Toronto offer a guarantee to their sellers throughout Lake Macquarie so if you are thinking of selling call us to receive an honest opinion on your property’s value.

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